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4 Reasons To Bundle Your TV and Internet

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Internet access has grown tremendously over the past two decades. The number of internet users rose from below 1 billion in 2000 to more than 5 billion in 2022. That means more than 63% of the world’s population is connected to the web 

The number keeps increasing every year and could surpass the 70% mark sooner rather than later. As such, many established and upcoming internet service providers (ISPs) are making a fortune out of this trend.  

On the other hand, TV service providers aren’t as lucky. According to Zippia, cable providers have lost more than 25 million subscribers since 2012. A 7% cable and satellite TV penetration drop is expected by 2030.  

That could explain why more providers are advising their subscribers to consider bundling their TV and internet. But is it worth it? This article will explore some of the benefits of going the two-in-one route.  

1. Enhances your bill payment process 

Sorting your monthly bills can be tedious, especially if you’re always busy with work and other personal responsibilities. You'll most likely forget paying some of your bills if you don’t have an effective management plan in place. It can be quite frustrating when your internet is disconnected simply because you forgot to pay for it. Remember, most providers charge a reconnection fee if that happens on top of other penalties and late fees. 

You can avoid such problems by bundling some of the services. When you bundle your internet service and TV package, you’ll receive one convenient bill every month. It simplifies your monthly budgeting process and allows you to pay your bills without too much hassle.  

2. You can save more money 

Looking to save more money? Bundling your internet and TV packages could be your best solution. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many homeowners prefer this option. Purchasing internet packages and cable TV from different providers can easily rack up your monthly bills.  

For instance, if you pay USD$60 for internet and USD$70 for cable TV, that amounts to USD$130 every month. That might not look like a lot of money but it’s even cheaper when you bundle the two services. Most providers can charge about USD$20 or USD$30 less for this option, which means you’ll be paying around USD$100 for both cable and internet services. Some providers also include a landline phone plan in their package allowing you to save more every month.  

3. You can enjoy more channels or faster internet 

Everyone wants to enjoy more by paying less, and that’s what you get from internet and TV bundles. Most providers upgrade their subscriber’s package when they opt for a bundled service. For instance, you could enjoy faster internet or more channels, or even both depending on your service provider.  

But why do they do so? Well, it’s more of an appreciation for choosing their extra services. Also, many providers today are trying to persuade more customers to take this new package. As mentioned earlier, cable TV subscriptions have dropped significantly over the past few years. So, bundling this service with internet packages is seen as one of the best strategies to retain cable TV subscribers.  

4. It may remove data caps 

Data caps can be frustrating and they limit your internet usage. Providers set a maximum amount of data you can use to stream, download, or upload media every month. Once you exhaust the allocated data, the service is either disconnected or the speeds are lowered. This can limit you from enjoying your favorite movies and completing online projects. 

Bundling your internet and TV can effectively remove these limits. As such, you can browse all online media without worrying about data caps. However, this isn’t a guaranteed or universal benefit. It depends on the provider you choose, and others aren’t willing to offer that as part of their packages. Therefore, make sure you consult your provider before subscribing to their services.   


Trends and lifestyles keep evolving, thanks to modern technology. Statistics show that more people are abandoning cable TV subscriptions perhaps because the internet provides better options. That's why providers have introduced cable and internet bundles to encourage users to enjoy both services at an affordable price.  

When you subscribe to this bundle, you get one convenient bill every month—simplifying your monthly responsibilities. You can also enjoy faster internet and a more extensive cable plan at a lower price than what you’d pay if the services were separate.  

Other providers go a step further and remove all data caps, which means your browsing won’t be limited. Although this option helps you save money, you still need to carefully read the terms and conditions of your chosen service provider. Remember, every provider has their policies and they may not offer what you want. 

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