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5 Tips For Setting Up Internet In A New Home

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The Internet has become an essential part of work, school, and communication. Read our blog to see tips for setting it up in a new home.

Most people unpack their boxes or clean their new house immediately on the first day after moving. But another important thing one can do to help you settle down and feel much more at home is setting up your internet. Installing your internet connection after your move is essential to help you connect the digital devices you need to operate in your household.  

With over five billion internet users worldwide, it’s safe to say that setting up a home internet connection is just as important as organizing your electrical and plumbing utilities after your move. Otherwise, you’ll have to visit the nearest coffee shop during the first few days after your move to connect to their Wi-Fi network.   

And so this article will provide some essential tips and other things you’ll need to know when setting up the internet in your new home.

1. Select the right internet service provider

Generally, there are two things some homeowners have to decide when finding the right internet providers. You can stick to your current internet provider, the one you’ve used in your previous home, or find a new one. Even if you’re already satisfied with your current internet provider, you may still take this opportunity to explore other options and see if you can find one that’s relatively cheaper or has better service.  

To help you select the right internet provider, here are the factors you’ll need to consider:  

  • Internet speed: Think of how much internet speed you’ll need at home. If you or anyone in the household works from home, you’ll need to find an internet service provider to offer the fastest plan. Meanwhile, if everyone at home only uses the internet for entertainment, you may opt for the cheaper internet plan options, helping you save money.   
  • Connection reliability: Some internet plans can be more reliable than others. For example, fiber is known for having a more stable connection, typically ranging from 250 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. Although the internet cost is relatively higher, this can be an ideal option for households who need the internet for work or school purposes.   

Meanwhile, satellite internet may be low-cost, but it can easily get disrupted during bad weather, such as rain, storm, or snow. If you recently moved to an area with frequent rain or storm, you may need to explore other options.    

  • Internet plan pricing: Anyone planning to get an internet connection would initially ask: “How much does internet cost?” The average internet cost per month may range from USD$36 to USD$58, depending on the speed. However, when choosing your internet provider, it’s best to ask for their internet plan pricing so you can compare each one.   

Selecting the most affordable internet plan may be tempting, but ensure you’re not compromising internet speed and reliability. Additionally, be wary about internet providers providing fast internet connection at a very low price as there might be built-in price spikes or hidden fees.    

Generally, you’ll find plenty of internet service providers to choose from in your new area. To ease the selection process, you may check out some online marketplaces where you can retrieve a list of all reputable internet providers in your area and reach out to them in one platform.

2. Notify your chosen internet provider about your start date  

After you’ve chosen your internet service provider, give them the exact date when you’d like them to set up your internet service. Most often, homeowners choose to have their internet connection installed on the day of their move or the day after to maximize the use of the Wi-Fi. This is better than having it installed days before your move as you’ll have to pay for the cost without anyone using the internet. 

3. Have your internet equipment installed  

After you’ve chosen and signed up for your internet plan, you can choose whether to install the equipment yourself or have the professionals do it. Considering that you’ve just recently moved and are probably still preoccupied with unpacking and organizing your new home, it may be best to let the professionals set up your internet.   

To prepare for the installation, unpack all your digital devices—your phones, laptop, desktop, and other gadgets—so they’ll be added to the network. When setting up your internet, you’ll need a modem and a wireless router. The modem is responsible for bringing an internet connection to your home. Typically, your internet provider will be the one who’ll supply the modem. Meanwhile, the wireless router will connect your digital devices to the internet.   

Additionally, ensure your outlets are vacant and free from any furniture pieces or boxes blocking them. You may also need to keep your kids and pets away from the areas where the technicians are currently setting up your internet.  

4. Set up your wireless network  

Once the physical equipment is installed, set up your wireless network next so you can use your devices. If you have a new internet router, open your router’s internet protocol (IP) address using your phone. Then, plug any device on your router using the ethernet cable and input the address number to access the router’s security settings. You can log into your router with the provided default username and password. Once you’ve logged in, you may check the network name (SSID) and create a new password that only you and your family can know.  

5. Connect your devices   

Now that everything’s ready, test your new internet connection by connecting your devices. The name of your wireless network should appear on your device. You can click on it and input the new password. If it works well, do the same for the other devices.  

Wrapping up

There you have it! Setting up the internet in your new home can be quick and easy with these tips. If you’re having trouble finding the best internet provider, you can always reach out to our professionals here at Movinghub to help you find the best and most reliable internet provider. Once you find one, call them, and they’ll set up the internet in your new house in no time.  

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