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Why we’re here

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You may not have previously considered using a service like Movinghub. That’s perhaps because you didn’t know we were here. Here we provide a quick summary of the benefits.

Using Movinghub means: 

  • No need to tackle everything alone. 

  • No need to speak to dozens of customer service representatives to perform the same process. One is more than enough. You’ll save hours and hours.

  • No need to track the deadlines. We’ll keep you updated from start to finish. Reviews are everything to us and movers come first.

  • No need to search and create formulas to compare the offers from hundreds of service providers.

  • No need to be a moving expert. We take care of all your connections and service requirements, while our guides provide everything you need to know. 

  • No need to miss the enjoyment of moving.

  • No need to wake up in a panic on moving day.

  • No need to feel regret after becoming aware of the alternatives.

And one extra little thing:

  • No need to pay us anything.

If you’re wondering how we make money, then it’s because we are paid by the service providers as explained clearly here.

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