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Connecting You to Your Property's Past, Present, and Future

Homehub is a FREE home management tool that gives your home its pulse. Whether you are renting, or you own the home, Homehub is what connects you to the property; a digital thumbprint of past, present and future and one single destination that unlocks a world of convenience and value.

Every property has a Homehub profile, unique to the address.

 Manage your home

Track your move


Experience the convenience of managing your entire move online. Access a curated list of service providers; arrange a connection, compare plans, and request quotes, all in one place. 



Save time and hassle by notifying all your favourite businesses about your new address. From government and banks to insurance companies and more.

Store Documents

Upload and store Home documents 

Organise your essential documents with Homehub's secure storage feature! Easily upload and store property contracts, insurance paperwork, utility bills, and more in one convenient location. 


Special Offers-1

Special Offers and Discounts

Homehub gives homeowners, tenants, and landlords access to an array of special offers and discounts from a range of products and services.

Task Management List-1

Create and manage to-do lists 

Experience unparalleled organisation with Homehub's task management features! Seamlessly create tasks, set reminders, and access pre-defined templates for various needs like shopping lists, renovation plans, and event management. 



Welcome to our comprehensive home management page; ensuring important records are readily accessible whenever needed. Here, you can access detailed information about every room in your property. Easily add photos and videos to showcase each space. Securely upload and store warranty documents and receipts, floor plans, consents, insurance policy’s – even paint brands and colours.  

My Providers

My Trades

 A centralised hub for your essential service providers. Store and manage a comprehensive list of your trusted tradespeople, real estate agent, accountant, and more. Stay connected with your team of experts.


We are a Community

Homehub's community connection solution brings neighbours together like never before! Seamlessly chat and post with fellow residents from your street and suburb. Discover a vibrant online community where you can share local news, events, and build meaningful connections. Strengthen your neighbourhood bonds and create lasting friendships through Homehub and experience the power of a united community.